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How to care for your Schoolwear

Our garments are supplied from reputable Schoolwear manufacturers and therefore made from superior quality fabrics, which will remain in good condition if a few items are adhered to such as:

  • Never use fabric conditioners for any Schoolwear, to prevent pilling
  • Do not overload your machine and wash garment inside out
  • Drying garments in direct sunlight can cause discolouring
  • Acrylics do not like excessive heat, which can cause the fibres to fracture and the rib to lose elasticity. If tumble drying is a must dry on a cool setting
  • Ensure that skirts with zips are not rolled to shorten the length as this will cause the zip to become faulty.
  • Try not to wash garments with Velcro with your uniform as this will cause excess pilling on garments

With regards to Lower temperature washes to help reduce our bills, the manufacturers of our soap powder/liquid are producing heavy duty ingredients that are strong enough to shift dirt without the need to use hot water.
It is precisely the active nature of the accelerators required for lower temperature washing that is causing problems for manufacturers and retailers. The biggest problem seen is bleaching.


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